Member Benefits Committee:

Chair: Elliot Mitzelfeld

Member: Nathan Patterson

Member: Tyler Mitchell


Member: Brady Ramberg

Member: Bennie Hearn

Member Kitt Cook


    Member Katherine Pugh

Member Brian Williams

Mission Statement: The Member Benefits Committee of the Tennessee Association of EMS Providers (TAEMSP) is committed to enhancing the overall experience of our members by developing, implementing, and continuously improving a comprehensive array of benefits and services. The committee strives to identify, create, and promote initiatives that contribute to the professional growth, well-being, and satisfaction of our valued association members.

Committee Objectives:

  1. Needs Assessment: Regularly assess the needs and preferences of TAEMSP members to understand their unique challenges, aspirations, and expectations in order to tailor benefits accordingly.

  2. Benefits Development: Identify, design, and recommend new benefits and services that address the evolving needs of EMS professionals. This includes considering healthcare support, educational resources, professional development opportunities, and more.

  3. Member Engagement: Develop strategies to effectively communicate existing benefits to members, ensuring they are aware of the resources available to them. Encourage active participation and feedback to tailor benefits to the dynamic needs of the membership.

  4. Partnership Collaboration: Establish and nurture partnerships with external organizations, vendors, and service providers to negotiate and secure exclusive offers, discounts, and services that bring tangible value to TAEMSP members.

  5. Continuous Improvement: Regularly evaluate the effectiveness of existing benefits, gather feedback from members, and make data-driven adjustments to ensure the association provides meaningful and relevant advantages to its members.

Membership: The Member Benefits Committee is composed of passionate and dedicated TAEMSP members who are committed to the welfare and satisfaction of their fellow EMS professionals. Members of this committee may include individuals with expertise in benefits administration, human resources, and other relevant fields.

Meeting Schedule: The committee meets on a regular basis to discuss ongoing benefits, review member feedback, and explore new opportunities. Additional meetings may be scheduled as needed to address specific initiatives or time-sensitive matters.

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