Executive Board


David S. Blevins


(865) 300-8147

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

" I am proud to lead an organization committed to advancing the field of emergency medical services. Together, we strive to empower, educate, and advocate for EMS professionals across the state, fostering excellence in patient care and professional development."

Vice President

Alex Whitley


(615) 440-1289

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"There are two things EMS professionals, don't like, change and the way things are.  Our organization can help with both of those; by giving them a voice.  I'm excited to be part of this organization and looking forward to giving providers that voice and platform to lead the way to change."


Elliot Mitzelfeld


(615) 887-5224

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"Empowering every voice, the Tennessee Association of EMS Providers leads the charge in innovation and advocacy, ensuring that every provider in our state is heard, valued and at the forefront of advancing our profession. 


Greg S. Johnson


(615) 440-1289

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"TAEMSP is long overdue for Tennessee's EMS providers. We are fortunate to have various groups already supporting EMS in Tennessee but it is time our providers have a voice and advocate directly for ourselves. I am honored to be a member of this association and cannot wait to see this group challenge the future of EMS in Tennessee."

Regional Directors

Region 1 Director

 Mike Wells


(423) 361-3110

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"I have always been an advocate for the profession, but now I am advocating for the EMS Professionals in the State of Tennessee." 

Region 2 Director

Brady Ramberg


(971) 533-3975

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"Be stubborn on vision,

but flexible on details" ~ Jeff Bezos

Region 3 Director

Currently Vacant

Region 4 Director

Dakota "Cody" Reagan


(931) 787-4711

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"Joining the Tennessee Association of EMS Providers is an opportunity to stand at the forefront of excellence , advocate for life-saving practices, and contribute to shaping the future of emergency medical services for our state."

Region 5 Director

Sophie Fuller


(615) 828-7443

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"If you have ever wanted to change the world of EMS, this is where you will have the opportunity to do so. I feel immense gratitude to be able to sit on the board at TAEMSP. The commitment we have here to empower and advocate for our fellow providers in EMS is unparalleled."

Region 6 Director

Cody Hill


(615) 335-6976

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"As a proud board member of the Tennessee Association of EMS Providers , I witness firsthand the unwavering commitment to excellence.  Together, we stand as a vital force, dedicated to elevating emergency medical services, uniting professionals, and safeguarding the well-being of our communities.  In every response, we weave a tapestry of expertise, compassion, and innovation, shaping a healthier future for Tennessee. 

Region 7 Director

Will McBride


(731) 592-2628

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"Do the right thing.  It will gratify people and astonish the rest." ~Mark Twain

Region 8 Director


At Large Directors

At-Large East Director

Joshua Kerley


(865) 851-6270

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

Tennessee EMS Region 1, Region 2, and Region 3

"I am excited to become part of the Tennessee Association of EMS providers.  Advocacy for EMS Providers is long overdue, and TAEMSP is going to finally give those hard-working professionals the voice they deserve. 

At-Large Middle Director

Devin Dickey


(615) 440-1289

Tennessee EMS Region 4, Region 5, and Region 6

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"It is an honor to be able to represent providers on an EMS board FOR PROVIDERS, who’s main focus is steering the course toward a future where every decision saves lives, every strategy empowers heroes, and every innovation reshapes the landscape of pre-hospital care.”

At-Large West Director

Charles Max


(901) 356-5214

Term Expires: 30 November 2024

"You will 100% fail, if you don't try!" - unknown

Ex Officio - External Association Representatives

At the Tennessee Association of EMS Providers, we firmly believe in fostering open communication and collaboration with various EMS-based resources. Our commitment is to proactively address and discuss topics that are crucial to EMS providers across the state of Tennessee. To ensure a comprehensive and representative approach, we have established strong connections with key organizations, including the Tennessee Ambulance Service Association (TASA), Tennessee EMS Education Association (TEMSEA), and the Tennessee Chapter of the National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP-TN). Through our collaborative efforts, we work towards enhancing the overall quality and effectiveness of EMS services for the betterment of our communities.

Tennessee EMS Education Association

Vice President Jason Fox



"Every patient deserves a kind word and a gentle touch."

National Association of EMS Physicians Tennessee Chapter

President Todd Heffern, M.D.


Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success." ~Henry Ford

Tennessee Ambulance Service Association

President Joyce Noles



"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" ~Helen Keller

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