Positions Committee:

Chair: Alex Whitley

Member: Stormer Dicola

Member: Tyler Crabtree

Member: Caleb Holt

Member: Baylee Simmons 

Member: Wendy Lampley

Member:  Joseph Herrell

Member:  Scott Thomas

Mission Statement: The Positions Committee of the Tennessee Association of EMS Providers (TAEMSP) is dedicated to shaping the stances and perspectives of the association on critical matters that directly impact EMS providers in the state of Tennessee. By delving into pertinent issues and emerging trends, the committee endeavors to articulate positions that reflect the collective voice and interests of our members.

Committee Objectives:

  1. Issue Analysis and Research: Conduct thorough research and analysis on key topics and challenges affecting EMS providers, staying informed about industry advancements, regulatory changes, and best practices.

  2. Position Development: Formulate and refine the official positions of TAEMSP on identified issues, ensuring alignment with the association's mission and values. These positions will serve as a foundation for advocacy efforts and informed decision-making.

Membership: The Positions Committee consists of dedicated members of TAEMSP who bring diverse perspectives, experiences, and expertise within the EMS field. Members are selected based on their commitment to advancing the interests of EMS providers and their ability to contribute to the development of well-informed positions.

Meeting Schedule: The committee meets regularly to discuss emerging issues, review research findings, and develop or refine positions. Additional ad-hoc meetings may be scheduled as needed to address time-sensitive matters.

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